Visiting Artist Program

1 year, 4 months ago

BLDG 92 is excited to announce the names of the five individuals selected as the 2016 Brooklyn Navy Yard Visiting Artists. The Visiting Artist program, offered annually, offers access to local artists who are inspired by or seeking to connect to the Yard through a variety of creative disciplines. Each day during the work week of March 28 we will release a blog post about one of the Artists.  

Sarah Olson

Sarah is a painter, sculptor and performance artist incorporating found materials, most specifically plastic waste and beeswax, into her most recent projects. Sarah is exploring themes of waste and production in her work and is inspired by the Yard’s evolution from a shipbuilding facility to a modern, sustainable industrial park. She is excited to work on site at the Yard creating a series of paintings and installations, some of which will be created for, and made during live performances and short video projects referencing technology and the preservation of natural resources.

Check out her work at:




Photos by Jeremy Tressler