Tour the Yard, bike through history, see "industry in action" on a factory tour, see film, theater and musical performance, sit in on “BLDG 92 Talks” or make something in a hands-on workshop. Our public programs are an exciting look into the Yard’s past, present and future. 

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Upcoming Events:

Factory Tours

Heavy Metal: Ferra Designs Factory Tour

FRI DEC 5 > 10 a.m.

Experience precision metal fabrication informed by old world craftsmanship at Ferra Designs. Participants go behind-the-scenes on this immersive tour, from design offices to factory floor to new product design studio, 50A.  Ferra uses cutting-edge technology, whether creating iconic pieces of art or sophisticated architectural interiors. You may see welding or you may see water jets, but you will certainly see industry in action! 

Yard Tours

The "Can-Do" Yard: WWII at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

SUN DEC 7 > 11 a.m.

During World War II, the Brooklyn Navy Yard played a pivotal role in the American war effort – it built battleships and aircraft carriers, repaired over 5,000 ships, and sent troops and supplies to fronts across the globe. The tireless efforts of its 70,000 workers earned it the nickname "The Can-Do Yard."  This tour will explore the role of the New York City waterfront in the war effort, make connections between the Yard and famous battles of World War II, and visit historically significant sites within the Yard and in the surrounding communities. Highlights include the Naval Hospital campus ...

Factory Tours / "Making it in NYC" Programs & Events

Factory Tour: Whiskey Wars!

SUN DEC 14 > 3:45 p.m.

In the 19th century, Marines were dispatched from the Navy Yard to crack down on illegal whiskey distilling in what became known as the WHISKEY WARS. Today, Kings County Distillery is proudly making moonshine and more on premises. Join BLDG 92 and Kings County Distillery on a tour (and tasting!) that explores whiskey scandals of the past and the resurgence of the industry today.