FRI DEC 18 > 6:30 p.m.
"Tools & Talent" Workshops

Brooklyn Grange @ BLDG 92: Wreath Making Workshop

We think a wreath is like a smile on your front door. It's a warm and welcoming invitition to all who approach. It communicates hospitalty; not just during the the holiday season but all year.  Now you can create a wreath as unique as the smile on your face. Join Brooklyn Grange and Rawan Rihani of Aurora Botanica for an evening of wreath making. 

You will learn how to create lush, expressive and durable and fragrant natural wreaths using different textures from the earth such as moss, pine, berries, cedar, dried flowers and more. 

Tickets: $100.00

Follw the LINK for tickets and more information.