SUN JUN 15 > 2 p.m.

Intro to Beekeeping at the Brooklyn Grange

This immersive introduction to beekeeping with Stone Barns bee keeper Dan Carr will leave you buzzing with excitement! The event starts in the first-floor classroom at BLDG 92 where Dan will provide you with a crash course in apiculture, walking participants through a brief history of beekeeping, the issues around beekeeping today, and the importance of apiculture in maintaining a healthy food system.  We'll discuss the anatomy of a honey bee; the biology and life cycle of the colony; as well as equipment, hive architecture and basics in beekeeping safety.

From there, we'll head up to the rooftop apiary so participants can see firsthand the inside of a hive and learn the basics of how to properly and safely inspect a beehive.  Dan will teach us about the different castes of bees and workers performing various functions for the colony and how to identify important contents of the hive, such as honey, nectar, pollen, eggs, larvae, and pupae.  This course is a rare opportunity for us city dwellers to enjoy the beauty and wonder of a working colony of bees up close, and a great opportunity to see if beekeeping is right for you.

**Please do not sign up for this class if you have a bee allergy**

This event will take place rain or shine. 


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