There are more than forty women-owned businesses on the Yard today that produce goods and services ranging from construction to couture, art to architecture, and engineering to entertainment. Every day, thousands of women come through the Yard gates on their way to work, following in the footsteps of women who, in 1942, entered as workers for the very first time.

In partnership with Brooklyn Historical Society, BLDG 92 has collected more than 20 oral history interviews with women who worked at the Navy Yard from 1942-1945. We invite you to engage with their stories and to meet four women of Today’s Yard who have inherited their legacy—and here, collaboratively reflect on the irrevocable transformation of “Rosie” during WWII.


Xing-Zhen Chung-Hilyard/Eko-Lab

Melissa Kirgan/Eko-Lab

Nora Ligorano

Aswoon ®/Susan Woods

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