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  • Guide to Urban Moonshining by Colin Spoelman and David Haskell

    The next best thing to visiting the Brooklyn Navy Yard and taking our Whiskey Wars Factory Tour would be reading this book.


  • Cocktail Muddle

    Yard tenants, AHeirloom, have engraved this hand turned cocktail muddle with the BLDG 92 logo. Inspired by an old school nightstick, the cocktail muddle is sturdy and timeless. It is a unique representation of the continued legacy of woodworking in the Yard.


  • Royal Blue BNY Unisex T-shirts

    Whether you are hanging out in Kings County or any other local, you will look like royalty when you sport one of our limited edition royal blue t-shirts. The graphics celebrate our shipyard's past and the makers and manufacturers in today's Brooklyn Navy Yard.


  • BLDG 92 pencil

    We love these unique pencils for a few reasons:


  • IceStone Card Holder

    Produced by Yard tenants IceStone, this cardholder is made from three core ingredients - recycled glass, cement and pigment . Threee ordinary ingredients, produce and extraordinarily durable, sustainable and beautiful product. Your card states your occupation, but his carlhoder will say a little bit more about you.


  • Canvas Anchor Tote Bag

    It was love at first sight when we saw this canvas tote bag designed by, Yard tenants, McMillianCo. This tote bag shows some Brooklyn Navy Yard love with a graphic that is subtle, yet deliberate and a bit droll. Made out of 100% cotton and measuring 15" by 16" it is suitable for the subway or South Hampton.


  • Embossed Steel Cuff

    We get that BLDG 92 can be a little difficult to find, but we guarantee that we are worth the trip. If you don't know Brooklyn like the back of your hand; wear this stainless steel cuff on your wrist.  It features embossed subway lines and stops of the Brooklyn Transit system. Functinal, sturdy and edgy; just like the MTA system.


  • Colored Pencils

    We like the look of the simple brown recycled cardboard storage tube. We love the brilliantly colored pencils contained within. They are small enough to keep handy; for when the creative spirit moves you or you need to provide entertainment for an antsy or artsy kid while on the go.


  • Brooklyn Industries BNY T-Shirt (Women's)

    Brooklyn Industries designed this exclusive t-shirt for the Brooklyn Navy Yard!  Super soft and stylish, these shirts are 100% distressed cotton.  Women’s shirts are cut to be figure flattering. 


  • Brooklyn Industries BNY T-Shirt (Men's)

    Brooklyn Industries designed this exclusive t-shirt for the Brooklyn Navy Yard! Super soft and stylish, these shirts are 100% distressed cotton. Women’s shirts are cut to be figure flattering.


  • BLDG 92 “Revolutionary Then, Revolutionary Now” Shirts

    Wear the revolution with the 100% organic cotton “Revolutionary Then, Revolutionary Now” t-shirts!  Reverse side depicts the BLDG 92 insignia in white. 


  • Anchor Keychain

    Like the USS Ausitn anchor in our artium, this compact yet weighty version of that artifact, is an attention grabber and conversation starter. It is a great way to “anchor” your keys!