Visiting Artist Program

2 years ago

Visiting Artist Group

BLDG 92 is excited to announce the names of the five individuals selected as the 2016 Brooklyn Navy Yard Visiting Artists. The Visiting Artist program, offered annually, offers access to local artists who are inspired by or seeking to connect to the Yard through a variety of creative disciplines. Each day during the work week of March 28 we will release a blog post about one of the Artists.

Tessa Grundon

Tessa grew up in the Middle East, UK and the United States and presently works out of her studio in DUMBO. She worked for a few years as a decorative artist and muralist in the US and Europe before focusing on her personal work and as an environmental advocate and visiting artist in NYC schools. Her work today is site specific—taking inspiration from the topography, history, natural world and built environment of a particular location. She works with an amalgam of locally sourced materials and artifacts - local maps, beeswax from nearby hives (which she sees as the distillation of a place and time), found objects and pigments derived from mud and soil, vegetation, rust and charcoal. Tessa is intrigued by the Yard’s diverse landscape and rich history and looks forward to creating work inspired by the culture and character of the Yard’s industrial past and sustainable future.

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Contour in 16 Pieces


Mud and beeswax on handmade paper

40" x 40”

Each of the 16 parts of this painting is washed with a different mud from the marshes, mudflats and banks of the Stour in Suffolk, UK. I worked closely with local beekeepers, using wax from their beehives to coat the surface. The topographical contour lines of the same geographical area are then incised into the surface on a scale of 1:25,000.