THU JUN 5 > 6 p.m.
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From Personal Production to Outside Manufacturing

Most designers start their business as a multi-talented team of one -- single handedly mastering design, production, sales, finance and anything else a new business may require. With success, comes scale and the need to start bringing on team members and partners with specialized skills. Outside manufacturing partners can be an important piece of this growth equation, but the process of transitioning from personal production to outside manufacturing is too often shrouded in mystery. How can you prepare yourself to work with outside manufacturing partners? Dana Mauriello, Etsy’s Director of Human Scale Labs, draws out the experiences and best practices of entrepreneurs in home goods, fashion and networked manufacturing.

Moderator: Dana Mauriello, Etsy, Director of Human Scale Labs


  • Marcel Botha of Spuni ergonomic baby spoons
  • Betsey Lee of Betsey Lee women’s apparel
  • Mihae Mukaida of MachineMade and fabrication sourcing services
  • Tabitha St. Bernard of Tabii Just zero-waste women’s apparel
This event is part of the Maker Matters Series, in support of our exhibit, Making it in NYC: the Era of New Manufacturing. Check our calendar of events for talks, tours and more.