THU JUN 12 > 8 p.m.
"Making it in NYC" Programs & Events

Stonemasonry in the Digital Age

Join Stonemason and Artist Christian Herrmann for his powerful presentation of "Stonemasonry," a multi-media revelation of this ancient craft in the digital age.Through film, photography, music, 3D projection and performance, Christian will highlight the history, observe famous structures, and detail different techniques of the craft. Blending craft and technology, the program will demonstrate a sense of what it feels like and what it takes to be a stonemason in the fast-paced, ever-evolving world we live in today. 

Join us at 8pm for after-hours exploration of our new exhibit, Making it in NYC: the Era of New Manufacturing. Performance begins after sunset and is followed by a reception with Mr. Herrmann.

View trailer here.