SUN AUG 6 > 11 a.m.
Yard Tours

The "Can Do" Yard: Brooklyn Navy Yard WW II Tour

During World War II, the Brooklyn Navy Yard played a pivotal role in the American war effort – it built battleships and aircraft carriers, repaired over 5,000 ships, and sent troops and supplies to fronts across the globe. The tireless efforts of its 70,000 workers earned it the nickname "The Can-Do Yard."  This tour will explore the role of the New York City waterfront in the war effort, make connections between the Yard and famous battles of World War II, and visit historically significant sites within the Yard and in the surrounding communities. Highlights include the Naval Hospital campus, the Naval Film Exchange, and a working dry dock. By visiting these sites, hearing the stories of workers and sailors, and examining historical images and documents from the period, the tour will evoke a sense of what the Yard and its surrounding communities were like during the war and illuminate the historical legacies that persist to this day. 

Due to the size of the Yard, we’ll be using a bus to get from place to place, but will be disembarking at several of the stops for a closer look.  This tour is brought to you by Turnstile Tours and BLDG 92.  

Length: 2 hours

Price: $30/person (Free admission for WWII veterans. Discounts available for veterans) Advance purchase recommended, as we do expect the tour to sell out. Purchase Tickets