The extraordinary history of the Brooklyn Navy Yard is recounted in this original exhibition that interweaves natural, cultural, social, naval, and industrial narratives. 

  • The USS Arizona

    "USS Arizona" In the East River, New York City, 1916. Naval History and Heritage Command.

  • The Naval Hospital

    U.S. Naval Hospital Squad of Amputated Leg Cases Ready to Adjust Artificial Limbs, March 9, 1920. National Archives and Records Administration.

  • Breaking Barriers at the Yard

    Woman at engraving machine, "Minerva Matzkowitz has already taken her place at an engraving machine in the Ordinance Machine Shop." Collection of the New-York Historical Society.  

  • 19th Century Navy Yard

    “Steamshop and Engine Room. Second Visit to the U.S. Navy Yard, Brooklyn, Opposite New York City, “ Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper. August 1, 1857. Collection of the New-York Historical Society. 

  • Brooklyn Navy Yard Center at BLDG 92

    BLDG 92 today is a vibrant exhibition and visitors center

  • BLDG 92 Galleries

    BLDG 92 features cutting-edge interactive new media as well as never-before-seen artifacts, photographs, audio and video footage and ship models.

“Brooklyn Navy Yard: Past, Present and Future” tells for the first time the story of the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, the 300-acre site nestled on the world-famous Brooklyn waterfront. Established in 1801 as one of the nation's first five naval shipyards, over 165 years the Yard developed into the nation’s premiere naval industrial facility.  Today, it is home to the greatest concentration of manufacturing and green businesses in New York City.  This exhibition explores contributions made at the Yard to American industry, technology, innovation and manufacturing and learn about the Yard's impact on labor, politics, education, and urban and environmental planning.

...the preeminent collection of historical documentation, photographs, maps, engineering and architectural plans, and artifacts relating to the legacy of the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the thousands of men and women who served there during its 165 years of service to the nation. The veteran and expert staff members of the BNY Archives endeavor to help researchers exploit this virtually untapped gold mine of American, U.S. Navy, and New York history.- Edward J. Marolda, Ph.D., former Senior Historian of the Naval History and Heritage Command and BLDG 92 Advisory Committee Member

Displayed over three floors of historic Building 92, “Brooklyn Navy Yard: Past, Present and Future” introduces the generations of people who worked, or were stationed, at the Yard, who lived in the communities surrounding it, who shaped the Yard over time and who now are creating its future. Learn, for the first time, the story of this waterfront site: from its use by Native Americans to its role in the American Revolution; from the great naval ships designed and built here, to its emergence as the innovative industrial park you see today!

Today's Yard Gallery

The Today's Yard gallery showcases 15 businesses in the Yard with videos embedded in the portrait mural.  Each 90 second piece is a personal introduction to the Yard's entrepreneurs and their workforce in cutting edge and traditional industries.  These videos play in the 1st floor east gallery.