Yard Work

Yard Work, at BLDG 92, is a new gallery space for rotating exhibits showcasing the people & products, the tools & talents and the community & culture of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Yard Work is located within a new cafe operated by Brooklyn Roasting Company.


Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal features 14 Yard-based designers, artists and manufacturers. From robotics to jewelry to furniture, this exhibition collectively displays the uniqueness of this multi-faceted material and diversity of Brooklyn Navy Yard businesses who use it in their work.


Wood Works

The inaugural exhibit, Wood Works, features designers, artists, craftsmen and entrepreneurs working in the medium of wood. Shown together, their work conveys the diversity both of the material itself and the work being done at the Yard today.

Curated by Aileen Chumard, Executive Director, Programs & Exhibits

Gallery & Exhibition design by SITU Studio

Graphic Design by MTWTF